Non Contribution to NPS Account by Employer

Brief Background * I Joined UCO Bank on 01/03/2011 as Senior Manager. * My employment with UCO Bank was covered under NPS Scheme. * Initially there was lack of clarity on NPS governance in UCO Bank and hence there was no contribution to NPS account till October'2012. * Total dues for the period (Mar'11 to Oct'12) was Rs.84137.26/- * Our regular NPS Contribution started from the month of November 2012. * It continued till I left the organization on 30/06/2013 but previous dues were not paid. * On 25/07/2013, UCO Bank came with a policy to contribute the legacy amount under NPS and one of the options was to contribute total dues in one lump-sum amount with matching contribution from the employee. (I opted for this one) * On 05/05/2014, Rs.84137.26/- was deducted from my UCO Bank savings account towards recovery of NPS dues * But till date no amount has been credited to my NPS Account. Requirement * Recovery of Rs.1,68,274/- which is due from UCO Bank. * Adequate compensation for the delay caused on part of UCO Bank. Kindly Advice * On my entitlements and rights * Statutes of law governing the penalty for delay payment to pension fund by Employer * What are the Legal instruments available to me