Child recovery from India after parental abduction

Hello, I need free legal advice on parental child abduction to India. I and my 6 year old son are Lithuanian citizens, my ex partner, child father is Israeli, but of Indian origin. In 2013 I had temporary court order forbidding my ex to take our child outside the country. In 2013 December he took our child to Norway. When the court in Norway decided to return the child to me, his mother, before the final Appeal court decision, father abducted the child to India, even though the police had confiscated his travel documents. Recently, Indian embassy in Oslo informed me that they have not issued any travel documents for my son, even though my son now is in India. Two months ago Local court finally made a decision in a child custody case, stating that child has to live with me and father has visitations and has to pay child support. Unfortunately, he refuses to return child back to me and he allows me to talk to my son only on Skype once in a while. And even then he fails to control his anger, he shouts at our son, hits him. My son has to adapt to living with a violent father alone. I was informed that my option now is to go to court in India for child custody. But it is a long process and I financially I cannot afford another legal battle. I want to bring back my son, who is held like a hostage to punish me. I am not sure what would be the best, safest way for the child. what are my options in this difficult situation. I will be grateful for any ideas or advice.