Cancellation Post Builder Buyer Agreement

Hi There, I have invested Rs 14,00,000 in a property in Noida and So far looking at the progress of the construction , I have decided to withdraw the booking. But, The builder Buyer agreement have already been made, and Now I have two concerns 1) I have misplaced my Buyer Agreement -Originals, and Going through the Web Reviews I have come to know that the Builder do not issue Another Original Buyer Agreement.Which is actually required to apply loan through a bank. So what can be done in this case, what should I do to get The Original Buyer Agreement again, or what can be the replacing document , that could be used to get Loan from the bank. 2) If I plan to cancel the Booking , Would It be possible to get a refund in case if I plan to cancel the booking,,.?? Builder-Buyer Agreement have already been made. if Yes, Than How much refund will i be getting..?? would there be any % deduction ..? Kindly Provide me assistance in this regards,as I am in a very difficult situation. Regards Ajesh Thomas