Car Parking

Nine years ago I purchased a flat in Bangalore. In the sale deed car parking is also included and registered. I was out of station at the time of allotting car parking lots and most of the members taken good parking and allotted a small parking lot for me. I could not able park even small car. I requested society several times to resolve the problem by making some minor modifications like breaking wall and open some space etc. Few members are objecting and they don't want to do that. They said during the allotment why didn't you raise this and speak to builder only to resolve. When I try to contract builder he is not responding. Remaining flat owners claiming that so and so car parking lot allotted in their registration. But builder says for all owners just mentioned only car parking (not the particular number). He also saying to resolve the issue with in the society. We have society and it is not registered under society act. I am facing this problem since beginning. there is a scope to resolve this issue by doing some minor modifications in the parking area. Few flat owners not interesting and they want to maintain status quo. Is there any solution to resolve this?