State Public Service Commission - Interviewed Candidates

hello, I am from Andhra Pradesh, as per the Group-I Notification of 2011 by APPSC, Nearly 2.5 Lakh Candidates appeared for Prelims Exam( Multiple Choice - 150 Marks) then nearly 16,000 Qualified for Mains Exams (5 Papers - Descriptive equal to Civils ) and then 606 Members appeared for Interview and completed interview and await of results at that time results kept in abeyance upto the clearance of case at High Court - as 4 to 6 Questions, answers are wrongly identified by APPSC, actually they are very silly & ambiguous Questions and they are not wrong. When, High Court case in progress - APPSC went to Supreme Court ( We don't understand why APPSC taken that Step ) there at SC - Judge given judgment to delete 6 Questions from Prelims and then prepare New list of Candidates and conduct Mains again for nearly 16,000 candidates that means to interview selected candidates (606) + 7000 not qualified + 8000 absent candidates. Again in review case 8000 absentees removed for re Mains Exams. now APPSC filed Curative Petition to conduct Re-Mains only for 300 newly selected candidates. Petition has been Dismissed and ordered to conduct Mains again. Sir/ Madam, in this case mistake done by APPSC but they didn't punished, we, 606 Interviewed Candidates are the Victims. At the time of waiting for the Fruits of our effort, we totally got injustice. Because of Bifurcation of A.P. case has been delayed. Our case is that, given judgment is not correct as deleting 6 Questions, which are not wrong and allowing dis-qualified 7000 candidates for the Re- Mains. how we can get Justice? is there any chances to file case on behalf of Candidates separately to get justice. I am a Woman, Married, Mother, House Wife, belongs to SC community, Lower level middle class person. there are so many people with such type of reasons. How can we get Justice ? Is there any chance ? Please inform me. My mail Id - [deleted]. If any one Good advice u can save nearly the future of 500 Candidates, who didn't any mistake and suffering because of APPSC. Thank You.