Fake Allegation

Dear Sir , My age is 33 and my wife is 29 I am so disturbed from my wife behaviour our marraige was done may 2014 one month after marraige she torchered me mentally my family is very senstive my wife demands jwellery and new clothes always she abused my mother on the bed her behaviour is so cruel .. she never take my permission for any thing any time she go her parents house when i call her where you are she cann't recieve my call .. many times i donn't khow where my if is ?? at last she go her home happily 2 months ago i call her please come back but she and her family abused me ad they filled fake case 498 A they filled in application that i am demanded 4 wheeler they filed that we are torchered her mentally ... what can i do please sujjest i want divorce with that totally corrupted wife she and her family wants big money settlement i think i am lower middle class and only source of income of my family .... is she claimed in my ancestral or my father's property ? my mother is daily crying but that girl is so cruel and her family fully support her