step mother

I m a 20 years old girl Indian girl {born in 1994} now studying in Germany. when i was born my parents got divorced i came in custody of my father and married to another step mother{in 1998 i think}. she didn't cooperated with my family and neither me, so she left the house{she stayed with us only for 3-4 months} with father and i was left with my grandparents..that my grandfather made both of them disowned from property. In 2002 my father left country and we don't know where he went to{ we have no contacts to him}.So she was still in India. but she didn't gave divorce to him. Now after 14 years she came to my Indian family and put illegal case of assaulting her, and betraying her from father side. Plus she put rape case on my father's younger brother for which he is totally innocence he got her own wife one son. now he got arrested from 2 days he is in jail and police told us their is no bail for rape case under 376. In all those 14 years my step mother never ever tried contacting us nor she came back to house nothing. now she is demanding 20 lakhs for giving divorce and claiming that only then she will take all these cases back. I m getting mentally pressure here what should i do? how can he get bail? the case is not gone yet to court its only got F.I.R registered yet and police arrested him. he is on government employee {as teacher} we are afraid of losing his job. please give some advice we can't give her 20 lakhs for no reason plus we don't have so huge money at all. whatever we had got on me for studies. please someone help me. my email address is: [deleted] same for facebook too. please reply here if possible. thanks.