Token amount refund refusal

Dear Sir/madam, I paid token amount of Rs 1500 for a 1bhk house in GR layout, Kasavanahalli on 10th Feb 2015, rent was Rs 5500. I was asked to pay token amount of Rs 1500 to book the room and I agreed to shift on 1st March as they were not willing to give the room before that date. So I agreed to shift on March 1st. After few week the owner wanted the deposit money of Rs 40,000 or some initial deposit as confirmation.. I told I cannot give deposit until they make an agreement for the same. If they make an agreement I will give initial deposit or else I have already given amount for confirmation as token amount. However on 22nd Feb, the owner called me at night and asked me to pay Rs 5000 more as they had other tenants who were willing to pay more for the room or told me to search elsewhere. I couldn't give a decision then, because I had all planned to move on March 1st to this house and moreover I didn't search for any other house. So I wire transferred them total Rs 5500 including initial token amount as I didn't want to be in no mans land having no room with just 6 days remaining. But since they gave me option to search elsewhere I did find another place within 2 days. So I told the owner that I have found a new place and thus asked them to return my token amount of Rs 5500. They are refusing to refund my entire money and telling me that because of me they lost tenants and an entire month rent. I never told them I want to shift to another place but the owner herself gave me the option to look elsewhere but now she is arguing and making me a black sheep. Please see that justice is done here as it was mistake by owner to call and tell me that others want the room when I had already booked for it 15 days ago and at last moment she gave me option of searching elsewhere. Kindly help me in this situation to get back my hard earned money. Many Thanks B Samuel