Purchase Homestead Land From Only Son of Late Father.

As a buyer I,want to Purchase a "3" Acre Land(Adjecent but Excluded from Dwelling House) of Only Son of a Late Father.The legal Heire of that Late Person is Four(04), i.e. Single(01) Son & Three(03) Daughters.The Late Person was made a "Notarian Will" before his death.The witnesses are Five(05) Local Persons including his Elder Daughter as per Signature upon the "Will". Special Point on this "Will" are : 1) That the homestead including residence will be of Son Under Mouja-XX,Khatian-XX,Address,Excluding a particular Room will be used by his three Daughters till their Death. 2) The Agricultural Land would be of Son Under Mouja-XX,Khatian-XX,Address. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Homestead Land is 12 Acre(Dag-1) & 12 Acre(Dag-2) = 24 Acre & Dwelling House is under one of this 12 Acre almost about 3-4 Acre in diamention.Rest of the adjecent Lands are open & used by the Son only. Three Sisters are elder to the younger brother's.All Four Legal Heires was married before theit Father's Death. This only Son want to Probade this Property to his own name as described in his father's "Will". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am as a buyer , is it legal for me a Three(03) Acre Land of Twelve(12) Acre from one of the above mentioned Dag's of Homestead Land can purchase from this only son of the Late Person ??? Is there any objection can be possible from his three sisters ???? Am I a safe buyer ??????? Please Help me ????? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------