harrasment by husbend & in- laws

Namaste Sir, I got marriage in 2005, Next year I gave a birth a boy, now he is 8 years old. I suffered with harrasment for money with my husbend and in laws, They tried to make me as a prostitute. I didn't agree, and I went to my mother's house in 2009, my mother family is illetarate & poor family. My inlaws family also no money. but in 2008 they killed my husbend's uncle ( my mother in laws brother). And they occupaid his assets documents. My husbend forgered all documents, I went to police station and gave complaint, police not taken my complaint, on that time they tried to kill me and my son. I escaped to my mothers house, In this 6 years they changed all documents in as their own property. No one to help me. recently I came to my in laws village to live here, my uncle ( husbend's father) tried to beat me on road along with their servent, on that time I called 100, police came and police sent us( me & my husbed) for family counciling. That counciing also failed, they filed 498a case. now it is running in court, police & my husbend involved fake witness in my charge sheet. I am facing very difficulties in court also. There is no one to hear my pain. But I have no proof. There is only one proof my husbend's uncle wife. In court his lawyer also harrasing me with cruel & worst words. what can i do sir/mam.