Property purchased by husband in wife's name.

A family contains 3 sons and 2 daughters. Husband bought a property(Property means their house House in which they live) in Wife's name by his own income in 1928. At the back of the sale deed registrar and said man also signed that the money for the deed given by the husband to the buyer. His wife wrote a settlement deed in favour of her three sons, third son was minor, hence father was his guardian and she along with her husband only have the right to live in that house till their life time. First husband died. after 32 years wife also died. first two brothers claim partiton for 2/3 share. but the daughters and third brother saying that they are eligible for 2/5 share only since their father is the real owner, also. Their mother have no right to write such a settlement deed. Moreover their mother mentioned clearly that their father purchased the said property in her name in the settlement deed. And EB and water tax was paid in the name of the said husband. can daughters claim share in it?.