Dowery case

Hey i am Hina from Pakistan. I have suffered a very tough time from my husband.he was under metric and i am highly qualified.MS HR.but i don't know what goes wrong that i was agreed to merry that guy.but yet i tried my 100% to maintain my married life.but that guy was not sincere with me.he was involved with other girls.and also was involve in thefts from his employment shop.he used to stay away from home on weekly basis.when i come to know about his affairs and thefts he beats me and cut my left hand vein and snatched my all gold and baby was abborted.he gave me life threats.because of which i have to move in some other city.I don't want to file any FIR of life threats and cutting vein but that guy send me 3 divorce in a single paper.I demand my dowery and other rights maintenance but he i filed a dowery case in that city where i moved.but his lawyer claim in the family court that sift that case in the city where marriage is held.but i don't want to move in that city because i have danger of my life so pls help me that my case is vain in that city or should i move to the city where marriage is held