tenant refuse to vacant after expiry of agrement nor paying rent

tenant refuse to vacant the house after expiry of 11 months agrement nither paying rent, electric and water bills since last 7 months. eviction case is in court. court orders him to pay rent in jan 15 but on the date he refused to pay and said he has no money. and need time to hire a lawyer. now again court orders to pay rent and water and electric bills and given 15 days time. now my question is : 1: what if he again refuses to pay the pending rent of 7 months and will say the same thing that he has no money. 2: if he not pays pending rent then will he get imprisionment or any punishment other then evicting the house, becoz the house owner has already gone through a heavy mental stress during the case period as well as monetary loss becoz of non paying of pending rent and bills, that's why i think just passing an eviction order for tenant is not the complete justice with the landlord, more over the tenant will get the habit to torture future landlord by doing the same thing and save his own money