Taxes applicable on a One Person Company and Incentives in an SEZ

Hi, I have a few queries pertaining to Corporate Tax laws. I want to start a research based technology startup and I am going with the option of One Person Company that designs electronics software and electric/mechanical instruments and licenses their design to other firms who can take up mass production.. Below are my queries.. 1) Can a OPC have an office in an SEZ and avail the benefits that are offered to normal private firms. 2) if yes, what is the minimal criteria for an OPC to get entitled to the various tax benefits offered to companies in an SEZ.. Like is it enough if i register the head office at an SEZ with office space for only 2 people in the SEZ and take up actual work at some branch office. 3) Does my company strictly needs to be an IT service providing company to fit in a STPI park or even a technology/research company can also have a office there and avail the same benefits.. 4)Does business/sales done by an OPC from the registered office at an SEZ entitled to the tax benefits? Thanks in advance.. Ehtesham