498a, 307 wify wants to get back :)

Hi My name is Siiraj, am a sunni muslim working as software engineer in Hyd. I got divorce ( Qula ) from my wife with whom I got married in 2010. she filed all false cases on us ( 498a, 307, and other few ) in March 2013. Me & My parents was kept in remand for almost 16 days in subjail , went through hell from that day. we all got the bail on the same day.From there on, we were out and we wanted to resolve the issue amicably either through reconciliation or through separation . But they did not come forward for anything , in fact they went on torturing us by threatening socially and also mentally. At one point ( 8 months after case), they sent us a message saying that they need all their belongings and an additional 60 lakhs as a compensation for the life and they want separation. Obviously we could not give that much, that negotiation went on for ages. Finally, they prolonged the case till August 2014 in sessions court, during the last minute a day before the trail they came for settlement saying for divorce by demanding 50 lakhs. We obviously could not give that much, deal got made with 12 lakhs additonal payable to the other part apart from their own belongings which were there with us . Trail did happen as a formality, PP said that to the judge that Girl's party wanted settlement. Judge question my wife and other evidences and everything was documented as like a procedure. Basically, girl informed to the judge that she had no idea about these cases and she just signed a blank paper and she does not what happened then after. she even said that she is receiving 12 lakhs as compensation and she has no force behind her, she is doing willfully. Judge dismissed our case . Then after we got qula ( girl asking for divorce) from her. Now the Twist :- All of sudden, this girl came back to me after 5 months saying that she did a mistake, she was forced by her parents to file the case, she said "she was not informed or kept in the loop for the things done / happened in the mean time of 2 years ( after case ). She regrets for her mistakes, she even admits that they including her tortured us by all means . Today she blames her parents and their few relatives who have kept in her dark and put her in false promises. Bottom line, what she says now today is that she was put in a delusion with a dream that we all will come and beg for our lives holding her legs. Now she badly wants me back in her life. For that, she started to revolt with her parents . Now their parents are in no stage to listen to her, they even house harassed her and they have taken all communication channels out of her. Now my question to you all guys is :- 1 ) If at all, If i take her back in my life, is there a process /guidance through which I can protect me & my family /relatives from her in future from filing all this nonsense? will the return affidavit from her protect us in the future ? I don't know, please find out I have clearly laid out my conditions to her (if at all if she wants to come back and rejoin me & my family :-) - I wanted them to accept their wrong doings openly in front of whole community what they did & why they did ? who was at fault ? what wrong dreams they injected in her mind ? what all nasty things that they did for us during the last 2 years ? By holding our legs, they have to sent their daughter back to our family Need a public issuance of statement in print media about what their wrong doings? ( Actually they gave a paper statement when we got arrested - saying we tortured them & their daughter which was all false ) Because of these cases, me & my dad lost our jobs, my dad was a professor who was drawing close to 5 lakhs and I had a job worth close to 3 lakhs. For two years, we were broke completely. So, I have even put down the condition of getting my financial loses back. Basically, I have very clearly & categorically stated that I want her with all dignity and respect, like the way I got married to her in 2010. If I want her back, I want all those losses incurred by them during the last 4 years . Be it , my name, my dignity , and also financial loses. Now she is trying had for that with her folks back home. Now please tell me , how can I get this done from her. If at all if she comes back all alone with out any panchayath, I even told her that she might have to be ready to file anti cases on their parents and get my losses back ( all I listed ). Provide your guidance, I am even willing to meet and talk . Thank you