My wife filed 498a against me, my parent and Brother in 2010 I was arrested my parent and brother declared :Bhagedu: by Police I approached High court , High court quashed FIR (498a)against my parent and Brother as well as Charge sheet against me in Feb 2012 Meanwhile , wife filled case under 506 in 2011 then filled 125 for Children only in 2011(Court ordered INR 4000 per month, I regularly deposit in court) Wife approached local police station and gave application that Husband has stolen her car(I bought a car in 2002 ,Car was registered on my wife Name)in Jun 2011 Police harassed me and and got my car in their custody illegally Wife appealed revision for quashed petition(498a) in High court Apr 2012 High court quashed for Parents and Brother also gave me chance to appeal for discharge at Civil court in Apr 2012 I applied for Discharge at Civil court , Civil court denied in Jun 2013 I appealed in High court in Jul 2013 , still pending in High Court as on date I marry another woman in Jan 2012 as per Muslim Shariya Law. 1st wife applied divorce suit in June 2012 Court rejected her divorce suit in Jan 2015 I mean court denied that 1st wife is not entitled for divorce Mean while in 125 case wife admitted before Chief Justice of Civil court that the Down payment and installments of car(The car which police took in their custody illegally from me in Jun 2011) was paid by Husband, also admitted before chief justice of Civil court that she has taken custody of the car from Police station , not through court. I have certified copy of the application for Car stolen (she approached Police station) Now Please advise me Can I book my 1st wife for having taken custody of my car illegally. Thanking you in advance