Dear Sir, my question is a bit difficult. i am an hindu by religion, love one Muslim girl of age 17 years, she put much pressure on me as her father made engagement to her with other muslim boy, one night i took her to tirupati, married her in hundu customary, we after 3days we were back to home, her parents taken her to home. after 3three months i sent her a lawer notice, about restitution of my conjugal rights. in return they filed a false case under sec 354 D. i got aquittal. in it. after 7months previously establish enguagement has broken up then again they filed a case which in sec 366, and 420. i want to get as my legal wife what i have to do for that. i have all the photo graphs of marriage and vedio, and cell phone conversation recordings which took place that 4years of my love. muslim law says that a girl can marry at the age of 15 with or with out the consent of her parants. hindu marriage act says that, minor girl marriabe can be voidable but not void. chaild marriage act says that chaild marriage can not be voidable if she want it to be voidable, she should approch court to make void when she attained 19. now my girl friend,s age is 20 years they have not gave me any notice for my notice.