Address on Passport for NRI

Dear Sir / Madam, I am an NRI and currently reside in the Middle East with my parents. My father's passport was issued between 1975-1980 in Mumbai. My father is originally from a small town in Madhya Pradesh. At the time he applied for his passport, he was living with his elder brother (a Chartered Accountant) in Andheri. Therefore, the address in his passport is his elder brother's. Apparently, my uncle - as a Gazetted Officer - confirmed to the police and the passport authorities that my father was under his care and that was enough to make my father's passport on my uncle's address. My uncle has recently sold that property and moved elsewhere. Hence, the address on my father's passport is no longer valid. My father owns no property anywhere in India and hence is unable to provide permanent address details for the issuance of the passport. Is there a solution to this issue, because I am sure that there are many other NRIs out there facing the same problem. Thank you, Best regards, Hassan