Lease payment refund

Dear sir, Two years before I took an office space on lease for 3yrs for 5 lacs of rupees.but just after few months I realised the space was not worth for my profession nor for that value.still I tried to put on with thinking i will try to manage.but as the time passed I realised it is just not possible as the crowd around are very bad and even they created some nuisance due to which we decided will not continue.we informed the owner and requested him to take couple of months to the beginning he said he will look into it but did not take much of interest. We did not ask him continuously thinking as lease was for 3 years he might be finding bit difficulty.but now it has been one year since we informed him and from last two months we have been asking him politely and requesting him as the money was fetched was on interest and we have been paying very high interest from two years as we could not continue with the service we intended for. Please advice me legally how do I handle this situation.