Live in Relation

My relative's wife, has committed adultery and her video is available in porn site. When her husband has a asked her about it. She left the house with her 2 kids to her parents house. Her husband tired to know about the guy with whom she was in the video. Knowing about her husbands attempts she filed a case against his entire family on the charges of domestic violence and extra dowry. Immediately husband had filed divorce case against her on cruelty and adultery grounds and applied for quash petitions against her 498A case. In reconceilation she told the judge that she wants to join he marital life with her husband. But the husband is not willing. Its been two years the case is in the court of law and they were married for 10 years. Husband whose 40yrs is in relationship with a 27 yrs old unmarried lady promising her to marry her in one year. They were together for 1 year in some house and now the guys is forcing her to stay in his own apartment where he lived with his legal wife. He oftens threatens her of breaking the relationship if she doesnt listen to his words. Since the case is in the court of law, is it advisable for the lady to be in live-in relationship in the same house, where neighbours know about the family. Legally what problems will the girl face if she stays there? Can she plan for kids? Who will be the legal father of the kids?