section 427,447 and 380 case booked

I has purchased one absolute open plot and registered, after 3 months seller has booked private criminal case at additional judicial magistrate court under sections 427,380 and 447 - court summon issued and wanted two jam ins- submitted (seller drama...I have house with plot but I has agreed to sold open plot only after dis mental and remove of all material and roof-sheet will handed over-ed the plot. But on purchaser request I has blindly registered the open plot. purchaser has accepted orally to remove my house from registered date up to three months, but from registration day after 45 days purchaser dis mental my house and theft my house hold material and roof sheets, lifted to another place and given two witnesses). But I am not given any written or oral 3 months time to seller. this is full drama, I has purchased 100% open plot only and registered. Then his sister put a partition case in senior civil judge court for partition and case is criminal and civil case running can I go Quash or what is the solution... B. Bhasker