Need help-property issue & right of residence for son & his wife

Dear sir , we have the house at dwarka more , bhagwati garden extension , we have purchased this land after selling our land in panipat . The ownership of that land was among me , my dad , brother & sister . We all sold that land together and then invested our share to buy land in delhi . & after this we have gave contract to builder for constructing 4 floors including ground floor for parking . There also i have given almost 4 lakhs ruppes to the builder from my job salary & out of this 1.5 lakh was given through cheque and rest was through cash . Now this property doesn't come under approved area . here my father has got the GPA by notary from seller who was also having GPA & this GPA is having entry in notary register and there is no entry of agreement to sale & purchase anywhere just notary seal . My father has got my sign on "agreement to sell & purchase " as witness cleverly with tactics & then he also put only his name on the GPA and took property dealer & younger brother sign as witness in that GPA without my notice . But it was said that we all will get share in the present property at the time of purchasing this present land . My father has done this fraud with me in 2012 and this thing i came to know 1 month back only when i enquired all things . I used to trust my father as all son do to his father that whatever father will do would be good & fair for his son but i was wrong . As my father had arranged my marriage & i got married 10 months back from now in march 2014 and me alongwith my wife is residing at top 3rd floor & having common kitchen at first foor where father resides . My father misbehave & force my wife to worship as per his wish and some other issues which my wife doesn't like & she opposed him and i also told him not to force her and interfere in our life , my father sometimes fight with my wife also and for this my wife has filed complaint in writing to delhi policeon this then my father told me & my wife to leave his house and he don't want me & my wife to live in our home . After all this i enquired about all property papers & i found that my father has cheated me . But thank god i have cheques with me and i have put my money in this property after selling panipat share as well . The papers like GPA , Agreement to sell ..all are on Rs. 50 stamp paper only& signed by notary only but not registered with sub-registrar office . I humbly request you to please help me and let me know that can my father throw me & my wife out of the home.......we live at 3rd floor , and father is living at 1st floor and sister at 2nd floor ....all floors has separate entry through stairs..... please help me and tell us what to do....? Regards, sanjeev Kaushik