GPA is Cancelled after Sale deed

Hi to all, i am the owner of a immovable property through reg sale deed from a reg GPA dated 2011. now in 2015 i plan to sale that property i applied for EC, i was shocked to see three new entries after my entry of Sale deed date 2011 are reflecting in it - 1) reg GPA is Cancelled 2) reg GPA is given to another person for the same property i purchase through reg sale deed. 3) reg Mortgage deed for 10lak with out possession. how come its possible i am having the original parent documents, original reg GPA, reg sale deed and from previous owner(Principal) to my name i changed the patta also, now patta in my name and i am in possession of that property too. all these entries in the year 2014 but my sale deed in 2011. the person who convey the property to me through reg GPA for the sale of my specified property for consideration of 30lak and i paid the amount fully then through reg sale deed was executed to me 2011. Now his principal cancelled the GPA after 4years of completing the sale deed. now the person who plan to buy from me is afraid of that entries and ask me to claar that, what i want to do now, whether i am legal owner or not, it is possible to do like this after completion of sale deed, help me.