high court & suprem court orders to dismiss the dv act maintenanc

my wife M.Tech was in service before & after marriage. After marriage we both gone to USA in November 2009. Hardly she stayed 8 to 9 months with me in usa. she frequently demanding money to me for her parents. I refused to give. After making quarrel with me she returned to india in july 2010 and filed 498a & crpc 125 against me in 2010. both the cases are in progress and meanwhile she has filed the DV act case for maintenance & residence in the year 2013. Court order received for DV case in 2013 and granted maintenance to her. After that crpc125 & 498a results are received in 2014. my self , my parents & my married sister were acquitted from 498a case and crpc 125 is dimissed. while filing the DV act case she has given false affidavit to the court that she has no source of income. but actually she was in service at the time if filing the dv act case. she is well qualified, left the maternal house at his will, she has deserted to me my parents. she is employable. Please give me the high court bombay and other highcourt orders to dismiss her dv act maintenance application VERY URGENTLY.