Dear sir; I am employee of state bank. I make several fraudent entry in our customer accounts. One day my branch manager caught one entry due to not match of sign. He give me explanation letter. I deposited all the money to customer account. No one customer know the incident that I withdraw the amount from his account. Manager give me pressure and my family to confess it. Due to pressure I give written confession in which admit that I withdraw amounts from customer account and I use the id of my colleges. After giving the confession letter manager give me transfer letter and after two days he give me suspension letter. The next day of giving me the suspension letter manager call me to branch and asked me to sign all the customers from which I withdraw the ammount on the letter in which they confirm that all the transaction in their account are genuine and made by him and the balnce is correct. I make sign from all the customer . After giving they signed letter to manager. Bank launched FIR against me under 409 420. I put under judricton remand in one month after that I got bail. The trail is start in court and charge has been framed on me. Now bank give me chargesheet to intiate enquiry. My quiry is that can coutrt give stay on bank enquiry. And I also know about the case and court decision in the case. In police enquiry two witness is their one manager who is the complainant and one is customer . customer gives statement in favour of me. but manager is against me. i want to know when their is no customer give statement against me then only manager statement and my confession letter can effect in my case.