Non Compete Agreemenet

I was working with a US based company situated in Maharashtra, working location is Bangalore and during my tenure I worked with MNCs as contractor so these MNCS are clients to me and to my company. Before three months ,I resigned and have a notice period of three months, in the last two moths of my notice period I worked with one MNC as contractor. This MNC learnt me that I have an offer with another but similar MNC only so I can join them and they provided me the offier leter. But they also informed my company initially and MNC told they don't have any agreement like they can't hire me. But My HR sent me an email on my last working day that I have signed a Non Compete Agreement, agreed not to join any of our clients during the tenure of employment and for a period of one year thereafter. Please help me to know, will I face any legal action? Will they not process my Full and Final Settlement which is around 1,00,000... If so, am I eligible to go legal to get the full and final settlement considering I am joining the MNC which is client to my company.