Need information for false GD

My name is Partha Pratim Nath. I am 29 years old and currently working in a renowned MNC as a software executive. I had lost my mother when I was 1 years old and since then I was looked after by my maternal grand parents. My grandfather passed away 5 years ago leaving my grandmother, my maternal aunt, and my maternal uncle as survivors of his family. After my grandfathers death my maternal uncle began creating several nuisances to my grandmother for taking the full share of the property as my grandfather did not make any "will". My maternal aunt and myself do not visit my grandfather's house because very often because of the harassment caused by my maternal uncle. I had made a GD in the local police station along with the duly signed statement from my grandmother previously. There has been an incident where my grandmother was unreachable over phone and my maternal uncle was not also picking up my phone for nearly ten days. I visited my house twice and I was informed that she is admitted to Railway Hospital (as my grandfather used to work a section section in charge in South eastern railway) and I made my way to the female ward by seeking permission to the RPF in charge who was on duty. There I found my grandmother and my maternal uncle and I asked him why he was not answering to my phone. It came into my notice that my grandmother also did not know that I was trying to reach him over phone. In the mean time my uncle filed a complaint in the RPF post that I was making violence in the ward and I do not take any care of my grandmother. The RPF officer abused me, threatened me to put in custody. After that I left the hospital and later I came to know that he has filed a GD against me in a police station near the hospital. I want to know is there I can do on my defense and will I be a shareholder in my grandfather's property.