Schizophrenia and Annuelment

1. I am married in month of Feb, 2014 and It was an arranged marriage. 2. After marriage I noticed her abnormal and erratic behavior of my wife. 3. I informed their parents and mediators from their side along-with my uncle about the same followed by audio recording of entire meeting. In which they admitted that she is having mental illness since 4 yrs and we should disclose about her illness at the time of marriage negotiations. The mistake is accepted by her parents. 4. They convinced that it is a minor problem (simple anxiety or minor depression) and will be get cured by treatment. 5. So, I started her treatment with private hospital. During treatment the psychiatrist diagnose that my wife is suffering from Chronic Schizophrenia which is not curable and also Govt Hospital issued the certificate for the same. 6. She was not interested in coming out of the house, and not even like to go out for a movie, temple or any relatives or friends place. Very suspicious nature and with suicidal tendencies. 7. This went on till 2nd month of the marriage, I was restless seeing this behavior, some times she looked normal she dose her work but some time very dizzy, sometimes not allowing me to slip till 3 am due to her condition, called me during office time very often as she is not feeling well etc. 8. when she sits on a chair she swings her body front and back moving her legs all the time and she moves her eyes balls left and right upwards, if you see it looks little scary. Involuntary body movements like jaw movement and shoulders movement. 9.Mental torcher i faced during the 2.5 months of my marriage it was like hell. So I discussed with my elders and decided to sent her to their parents home as i can't take any more, not able to concentrate at work restlessness, many sleepless nights. 10. After that I filed a petition U/S 12 (1) (b) and my wife filed a petition of RCR on me. 11. I have a lot of evidence like her medical prescriptions before marriage and after marriage (few of them are forged by them to conceal her actual disease); certificate mentioning her disease issued by govt hospital; audio recording in which they admitted their mistake and requested not to take any extreme action. 12. In their RCR petition they falsely mentioned that the parents of my wife informed me about her illness before marriage. Query 1: Please let me know that can I file other criminal petitions against them like U/S 420 or 417; forgery U/S 468, perjury and defamation etc. and will they get punishment in this type of cases. Query 2: Before marriage I went to watch movie with her twice and now they insisted that why dont you analyse the girl that time?, In my view, it is a internal disease and cannot analyse and suspect this type of disease by meeting 2-3 times. So whether it will affect my case and should I deny this fact or...... Please suggest.