Dispute between husband & wife

I m living separate from my husband since last more then 12 yrs.The flat in which I live is in power of attorney in our name. (Me & my husband). We purchased this flat in 1995 after sale of an old flat which was purchased by the money my father in law got from selling a shop in no 2 money. My family members helped in converting that money by giving gift deeds. Other flat in which my husband live alone is in my father in law & my husband's name. That was also purchased by selling joint property of my father in law with his brothers. My father in law had died. He says his father has made will in his name. He has 2 married sisters also. I don't know wether he has completed all formalities required after his fathers death but I suspect that my father in law has included my children's name also in his will. I had been victim of domestic violence but never went to police. My husband is 67 yrs & I am going to be 60 this November. He never gave proper money to run house hold. My brother always helped me financially & gave money through cheque. I went to mediation centre to get full owner ship of my flat either alone or along with children so that I can get it free hold & make will in my children's favour. He doesn't have cordial relations with children also & can create problem for them after my death. He agreed to do so on two conditions -- 1 I will give him 10 lakhs if I sell this house 2 me & my children will not claim on second flat Is it a fair deal though he has backed from this settlement. Can I or my children ask for will through legal notice as I suspect my father in law has included my children also in his will. Do I or my children a son & a daughter both married, have any claim over my husband's or his fathers share? Is asking for divorce be of any help & how should I procced.