Wife threatens to call police

I am a doctor by profession and married since 6 years. My wife is bad tempered with loud and violent tongue. She is completely controlled by her mother and family .Her family Includes big brother working in Dubai,one younger sister,and one younger brother who is a doc by profession and preparing for PG. This was a arrange and love marriage where it was arranged earlier and later family backed out seeing the temperament of girl family but I insisted and married the girl.From the day one she does want to take any responsibility.The only thing she does is care about her own mother side family. In last 6 years she hardly spent a year and half with me becoz she does something and went to mother house. Since last four years I have been living separately from my parents as she use to abused my parents and me every now and then.It is due to her I moved from Bihar to Delhi. Now I am staying with my younger brothers and I have twin kids 1.5 years old. Her mother interference is still troubling us and she complains of lot of useless problems which in actuality does not exist. She want to live a lavish life on her own terms where everyone listen to her as per her will. She does not want to compromise on my income and complains every now and then.Now she has again started nuisance and threatens to call police. I am a respected person in my colony and doesnot want to lose my family. I am trying my best to save my family but I fear that my in -laws may frame me and my family in false case. My mother in-law threatens for divorce and create trouble for us. I am from a middle class family with lots of family values.I along with my family is keeping mum and tolerating everything.Even my mother in-law came to my house and abuse me and my family and even stayed for 10 days.I did everything to please her as a guest but failed.Now the tolerance has come to a saturation level and i am thinking to take precaution as I fear they can put false allegation on me and my innocent family.Please advice how to escape from such situation,what all i need to do to save me and my family if they go to police.