How to defend against section 354

My neighbor son age 24 years have been booked under section 354 and held for a day in custody and then send on remand for 14 days in Alipore Jail Kolkata ,That boy very innocent travel daily by metro to & fro to his office. We apply for bail which rejected. We request the girl who filed the complain/FIR to took back the charges ,but in this case the constable himself define and laughed all possible charges.Boy's office staff,his mother father and all concern rush Police station but constable sought-ed.Next day the H'ble magistrate was in no mood without listening she grant remand for 14 days and send that boy in jail.Kindly read the following points and suggest your best: 1. The girl who filed the complain is not related to me at all but she is traveling in metro with her boy friend, 2. That was office time around 7 pm and lot of pupil travel in metro shall this is possible,she called PCR and filed complain against that boy . 3. She stated that he abused her, We request is to get a solution-a stage wherein the boy can secure himself and get bail . Many girls are using laws in their favor in wrong manner and an innocent person is just being held accused because of the law. JAIL is not a place to be and the boy along with his family feel humiliated and insulted to the ground. Kindly Assist. SUMAN DHANUKA