Mother in law harassment

Dear Sir, Me and my husband have been married for 9months, we stay in a nuclear family 40km away from my mother in law's place. My mil talks to my husband and causes fights between us and also keeps asking for money from him even when she knows we have money enough to manage our own expenses and can give only a part of it for her expenses. My brother in law is mentally challenged, he is 23 years old. He has tried on several ocassions to touch me and once even touched me on my thigh. As a girl I do understand the touch when it is intentional. My mil has been asking us to come to their place and stay over for the weekend for which I denied. Due to this she has been crying and emotionally targetting my husband. also she had once tried to hit me. I have told about my brother in law's action to my husband but he shrugged it off saying he is unstable. Also they do try different ways like coming home every weekend and staying back in our house. Once the guy also walked in my room without knocking. Though my husband is aware and given him a warning for his behaviour and I have blocked him off on my phone but he still manages ways to get thru to me. Please suggest. This is never ending saga with the mil and her son