Related to Trust Property

Hello Sir, I am manish gupta. Sir there is a trust at my home town. this trust is around 40 years old and have a land. that land was donated by my grand father. there are some shops form that time and also a Dharmshala. My father also have a shop from that time. since that construction was very old so trust is decided to reconstruct it. so that they make legal agreement before start construction to all shop owners. these contain the information about the rent, dimension of each shop etc. everything is clear that time and also agreed by trustees so now shops are constructed and only tiles and shutter work is remaining. since there is a shop of my uncle as well and due to some family dispute trustees and he creating troubles for us. Trustees said that we need to make new agreement and they make some changes which are unethical. they forced us to make that agreement. and if not you can not do this we will stop your construction and also demand extra money since we are paying all the money for construction decided to that first agreement time. so i have some couple of queries for this 1. is there any right to trustees to do such amendment once everything is final? 2. is trust have rights to stop the work even other shop are still doing there construction work? 3. From where i will get the information about the trust and rules and laws? 4. I gather some information about that land is comes in nazul if so how will get the information? our uncles and trustees are want to give trouble and want to capture that shop which is our right. please help me on this matter. I will positively looking forward to you.