Disgraced on the internet by a bunch of colleagues

Hi, I'm not too sure under which law does this fall. But, I need help. I've been working an organization for the past few months and during this time we had a event in an organization for a which comittee of internal employees manage the show. Everytime I have noticed that they post their pics on the official facebook page of the committee. so I commented "So self – fish to always see the josh team ONLY no other techM team… Josh is more than you guys.. Grow up seriously… Take a hike… If it was not abt the whole employees ur not existent" and they commented back saying "if the committee team is the organizing committee it is obvious you will see them most. Other teams were supposed to participate this committee is definitely more than us... but not people like you" this is first bad comment and next comment they called me a "Jobless prick" and disgraced and hurt me and insulted me of my job... They have also not maintained any privacy going through my facebook page and commenting about my status... I put this up to the management and they've not taken any action as yet... the complaint posted to management was on 2 Feb, 2015. I request you guide in terms of this if I can take up a legal action against the whole team.