Squashing the FIR at High Court 498a

Respected Sir / Madam, My marriage was happened in July, 2013 in Andhra Pradesh. I'm working as Faculty in a private College. I'm a 70% bald but wearing wig since last 4 - 5 years. I have been told this fact to her family members before marriage, but I couldn't tell this to her before marriage because I did not talk to her before marriage. There was no dowry exchange happened before or after marriage in the forms of Gold or Money. Whatever ornaments her parents gave her with them only (Which was mentioned in the FIR) also no physical harassment happened. I have faced severe insult and harassment in the very first night itself when she came to know the fact that I'm bald and told that she has many friends still ready to marry her though she's married. After that very first shocking incident I was mentally shocked and under depression for many months. I can't think of that girl as my life partner. We lived together only 4 days together, but there was no sexual intercourse happened between us. Then after I returned back to my work place and started attending counselling, then after I'm mentally built stable. I have faced lots of tortures and threats from her family members whenever we meet each other. Now I'm in an anticipatory bail. After I got anticipatory bail, they filed a case at Family Court for maintenance. Demanding a huge sum per month. They convinced me before marriage that She's working as a software professional and earning salary 30K/month. After marriage, the next day when I asked her about her job, she replied that I was not working we just lied for this marriage to happen. Family Court had suggested mediation, but they demand was more than a crore. I have learned from them that their main aim is to extort money one way or other. Due to all happen in my life, too much affected my health and my profession. I'm unable to concentrate for anything. My advocate have told me that we can approach the Hyderabad High Court to squashing the FIR since there was no much allegation in the FIR to charge 498a. I'm kindly requesting respected Advocates to advice to me is it a right move to squash FIR at high court or I have to challenge them at lower court.