Rcop - next steps needed

Hello, I have a property in Chennai which was rented to a person A with proper agreement for 11 months during 2008. For 3.5 years he paid the rent properly. As this person A used my property for commercial purpose (serviced apartment) I agreed him for sub-let too. He sub leased to another one Person B. The agreement which I made with Person A is only for 11 months after that I have not made any agreement. When I asked to handover the property for my personal reasons, Person A said he will handover it soon and stopped paying rent. Came to know there was some issues between Person A & Person B and soon there will be settlement with them. I waited for long time as I don't want to move the matter into court as there will be delay. Finally I got a lawyer and filed RCOP case during May 2014 adding Person A as 1st respondent and Person B as 2nd respondent. Only Person B filed his response stating that he got agreement with Person A and paying rent, maintenance & EB without any due. Person A ex partie now. This case came to trial now. My Lawyer said there will be cross examination by Person B' lawyer soon and if there is not delay from court side we will get the eviction order in 4-6 months time. Once we get order we need to go for eviction process which will take some time. I would like to know how this case will move forward. What are all the options Person A & Person B has to delay the case further? As this is small court there will be delay from court side which I can understand. But I want to know respondents options which can stoppable from my end. So far I am going with my lawyer's words. Am I missing anything. Is there any options for me. --Ashok