Want mutual divorce as my husband suspects me

Respected advocates, I am married for past 13yrs. I have 2kids. Son 12yrs. Daughter 5.5yrs. After completion of 5yrs of marriage, I found my husband getting disinterested in me. I started focussing on my career to avoid possible diversions. Also, I forced myself to conceive for my daughter. I felt that this might protect our marriage. When I went to moms home on maternity grounds, he had established an affair. For which , I have no proof. I realised when I went back home after 9 month of my daughters birth. I thought I will set things right. But in vain. Slowly he started acting suspicious towards me, started following me, almost made my life dogmatic. When I started asking his where about, he started relating me to my male co workers and harassed them. recently, he has gone out of limits and now I have decided to come out of relationship. I am more than tierd. 2.5yrs back, I made a big noise regarding his behaviors. My in laws are from village background. They do not understand the civilized torture i undergo day in and day out. Now, I am staying with my parents. Need help very badly. He has humiliated me by meeting all my antiquates and talking rubbish about me. Recently I have come to know his relationship with one more woman. I spoke to her and she said he has tried to hug her and kiss her. I have recorded her voice. I find that she is also flirty by nature. May be she did not expect him to go this close this early. I just dont want to continue living with him. But he wants me to contest saying that I have no grounds to prove to court. Please suggest.