Co-operative housing federation and society powers

Hello, We have a housing set up in Pune where there are around 350 apartments and around 13 building. Each building have a separate society registered and there is a federation for these 13 societies. Common amenities are taken care by the federation where the individual societies look after their individual building needs. 2 of the buildings jointly have a common space within the RCC structure of these buildings which was not sold by building as an common hall to other occupants. Since this hall is within the residential building we (individual society) have objected to its use for any commercial purpose. Now we are getting a pressure from other societies and federation to open this hall for commercial activities which we dont want to do due to the nuisance it causes to residents. We would want to know is the individual society which holds the society have legal right to deny any such encroachment by federation? Do the federation in this case has any veto power to overrule individual society AGM resolution of now allowing this hall for commercial purpose? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks