Regarding Arrest of Age Old Parents on False case Given

Dear Sir /Madam Good Morning My Name is R.Ramakrishnan from Kailaiyar Karisal kulam -vil, near Aruppukottai which is near by Madurai City. I got married in 2005 and were living for Nine years. During this time I was working in Abroad and I used to come on leave once in 6 months and my life partner was studying in the college in hostel. Recently I came back from abroad leaving the job and wanted to stay with the Family. As After my return she has stayed with me for 4 days at my home and left me saying that she does not like to live with me. Then I asked her to file a case for mutual consent divorce where as she has lodged a complaint in the nearest women police station saying that I have harrased her for Dowry and tortured which are not true. During my stay at overseas there used to be a fight on phone and I had sent SMS to separate from if you don't like. She has kept that as evidence. She had also sent SMS saying that she does not want to live with me which I have erased and don't have records of her SMS. Once She complained me to the police station they called me for an enquery and explained about the facts and I was asked to go. Mean time I have obtained advance bail for me and sent a notice through court asking her to come and live with me. After receiving the court notice she has complained my aged Parents(Father- 85 years, Mother - 69 years) to the nearest SP office and a police vehicle came to my house to arrest them with out any information and any warrant. Immediately we to the police station with my parents and I have contacted my lawyer. He has informed me that there is a demand of 5 lacs and finally I agreed for 4 lacs. I have never demanded dowry as she is from a poor family and my parents never harrased her.It is a false aligation to get money from me. My request is that is there any law to arrest age old persons with out any warrant just mere a complaint lodged by my wife at SP office? Is there any provision in the law to file a case against her for false case and harrasing my family members? Can she further harass my family members ,brothers and sister? With Best Regards R.Ramakrishnan E mail - [deleted]