Reg: Abusive Language used by DSA during call

Dear Sir, Myself is Jyothi. I am contacting you with complete depressed situation. I own an Axis Bank credit card & have outstanding of 25000, i had paid the bank on time untill I have lost my job & was not able to pay the bills since 3months & had requested that I would be getting job in the next month & I would start repaying them, if not a option they can move it legally so that I can take time in the court for the clearance. I & husband both have cards, I have got him an add on card & recently they had called him & have irritated him so much that he was completely depressed, they even have told him to go & die if you cannot pay the amount. Do they think that only because we are not in a position now to pay the amount we have to die for 25000 credit and they do not own any rights to provoke us or order us to die. We have all the call recordings & have decided to appeal for consumer court for the depression & the harassment made by them & ask for compensation so that they learn from their mistakes & show them how it feels for others. Kindly help, will our case be strong enough to teach them a lesson. Not every customer will be an intentional defaulter, they also have my records of payments being made, the last month i have made an payment of 10500, atleast with this they should have understood the situation. Regards Jyothi