Saving my Parents

Hello sir, I got married on 24Feb2014.Everything was fine for 3-4 months.My wife was also very happy with everything but her father used to call her frequently and always preach something against me and my family.He even cannot think of his daughter doing household things like cooking,washing,... He used to call me and started saying that, his daughter will not cook food and will not do any household things.when i objected , he threathened me saying that he will make me suffer and even he will make me unemployed for no reason. In that part during Oct 2013, she left for her mother's house and stopped contacting me. She and her family blamed me by going to all my relatives saying that I'm impotent and she needs divorce from me. (As this is absolutely false argument, as I do have scan copy when she became pregnant). My relatives counselled me and told to listen to her as she is not willing to live along. Later She and her relatives came to my home (around some 20 people) and started bullying my family and threathening us. Also they gave divorce(Khula papers) and asked us to sign to get aparted.There by they sent a divorce(Khula-nama) document in jan 2014 and also saying to sign them.Later after few days they again came and told that girl is willing to stay with me and asked me to take her. I talked with her and she was ready to stay with me. Now we are staying together with my parents also. She was again fine for 3 months and started all over again. she isn't performing any of her household duties evenafter she is perfectly healthy. she is saying that she wont cook/touch any household items. Moreover at sametime her father is threathening me as well over samething that his daughter will not do any household duties. In case if I force her/ ask her to do any such things, he will make me suffer. Myself and my old parents doesn't know what to do now.Day by day she and her father's behaviour is disturbing us alot. It is no doubt that even we both want to stay together, her father will make her to lodge 498/406 some day. Please advice how to handle my FIL and save my parents from all this mess.