what should i do ?

We are newly married only 1 year before , during in 1 year my wife went back to her home 4 times . i bring her back all times after long long discussion in which i always say ok i will keep all things good. ( reasons went back - she want money every time , she use to say always talk to my family person otherwise i will left you , she say my parents are important , she say you didnt give me anything , make good relation with my parents other wise i will not keep relation with your family etc.) she always fight for small things and keep informing everything to her parents day by day news also our personal relation news, her parents call every day to her asking each & everything what is going on in home. She fight with me for small reasons and her parents come between us , make the issue very big. Her parents always tell him come to us we will keep you on such small issues . My parents never say anything to my wife for working at home or nothing. Last time i went to her to bring her back i didnt speak as because i want my my wife back home , but my father in law meanwhile in discussion use abuse languages on me and say i will kill you , on this i didnt react anything after silence father in law say sorry to me . now she fight for money again and not coming back to home . I always give money on monthly basis but she is asking more and more ( some times i fell that she ask money for her parents feeding etc) and she say after marriage all money will given by you only not from my parents. Husband home situation- we had 2 marriage in 1 year ( my sister & me) so we are not able come up to earn money fast as some money borrowed from other for marriage . Still we have to pay to borrowers. Present situation- she was not talking from 6 days and i went to her city for my office work . She came to knew that i am in her city .I was not happy to go meet her at her home because for money she fight. She call me and say if you dont come to my home i will not come to your home and start crying . After to much calls i went her home to keep her cool & not to cry . Her mother & her brother wife were their in room with us . Her brother wife kept on phone call of her husband to listen everything ( also as to do recording of my words). Meanwhile me & my wife having cool conversation , mother in law say i am listening from outside , we want to separate both of you, leave her father will kept. At that time i became angry i only discuss this topic( mother in law words) with my wife and say i came her for you & we are family , see what your mother saying, she also agreed this is not good words tell by her mother . At that moment i tell her ok what you want to do you have to live with your parents or with me . She didnt reply as she was confuse and i given 2 days to think & come back to me . My wife always take discussion what her parents tell and she incapable of taking any discussion ( she also accept this in front of me many times) Now i am little afraid of because many false suit are going on in india , if they put false suit on my family . pls tell me if this thing happen what should i do? , as now i cannot go again for discussion because i think we dont have understanding , i cannot live life like this she fight after every 2 months i keep going to her home again & again to bring her back.