From 6 (Feb 28 2009 ) years since we got married (Love marriage) my husband picks up fights over trivial issues and drops me at my parents home..weeks and months pass by and he never contacts me nor provides for my expenses. His family does not support me.He has been physically abusive as well due to which we had been separate for 2 years (Jan 2011-Jan 2013) I was living at my parents home and during those 2 years my husband did not provide me any expenses and kept threatening to divorce. An Imam was approached and he tried to settle the matter. In January 2013 an agreement was signed by both my husband and me in the presence of the Imam that we would live peacefully in future and that he would take a house and move in with me And till we find a house he should provide for my expenses. I could not leave my parents house at that time because my mother had to visit US to meet my brother and she was there for 6 months. During that time in April I conceived and I have a daughter who is 15 months old (born on 11 Nov 2013) . After her birth my husband kept postponing ..shifting into a new home as he said tge baby is too small and I cannot manage. So I continued living with my parents. In Oct 2014 I conceived again and now I am 6 months pregnant. In November 2014 aftr almost 1 year we shifed to a new apartment. Within 1 month of moving in he picked up a fight and again dropped my daughter and me at my parents place on Dec 4th 2014 . Since then he has not provided any money for ny check ups nor has he contacted. I had messaged him several times asking for expenses and he did not respond. He provoked me to disrespect him and in a fit of anger I messaged him rudely and it went out of control. He has shown all my messages to his family as well as my maternal uncle.He threatened to empty the house and he sent back all my belongings on Jan 5th 2015. He also said that he will do a final settlement and till such time I should not ask him for any expenses. Now I am very stressed. He has used my messages to prove that I am not a good woman.His father and brother's came and met my parents after 2 months and they said that they are fed up of this relationship and now they want this marriage to end as soon as possible. We did not give them any response. I am due for my next delivery in the 1st week of May. How should we go about the legal procedure to claim for the maintenance of my children and me. Please help. My husband has even sold all my jewellery that he had gifted at the time of wedding. What right does Islam provide to a woman in such cases of oppression? I am educated and I was a Training Manager earning a good salary but my husband promised to take care of me so I quit my job before wedding. Now this is my plight.