daughter in law case.

2 yrs ago my brother died suddenly within a month after his marriage. subsequently, my sister in law filed a case asking share in the property. neither do we hold any ancestral property nor did my brother have any. he had been facing extreme debts in his last years and even his bank accounts were almost nil. now, she claims monthly maintenance. my father is retired and holds no property. we are solely dependent on my other brother. my sister in law holds a slimming centre and another part time job and lives with her parents. our lawyer tells me that she is not able to gather proof of her work profiles, needs more money to find out . I don't get this. so my queries are - is my father/brother liable to give her monthly maintenance ? how do I get to the proof of her two jobs ? doesn't the court notices or something help in this matter ?? what are the laws/acts/procedures one can focus on in this case ? we really need help. kindly revert.