Sec 409

My friend took out office money (central govt. department) using his cash withdrawal authority from the office bank account. He then abscond from the job for approx. 15 days. After realising his mistake he thought of return the money to office and surrender before police. He surrender before the police and returned 70% of money to police custody. Rest money he spent for paying off his loans. Now he is in JC with case against home Vs State under Sec 409. Police has also taken his car under custody, as some money was used to pay off the car loan. Also to mention, he is under treatment and mediction for depression and psychiatric problem since last 3 years . Q1. Can bail be granted to him, so that he can work and earn some money to repay the rest of money. Q2. Can car be taken off from police custody, so that car can be sold off for repayment of rest of money Q3. His employer Govt. depart. has stopped the salary payment since he was absconding. What are the rights for getting the salary before charge is proved against him, as hos family is in difficult financial situation. Q4. Under JC his psychiatric treatment and medication treatment has stopped. How to ensure the same in JC.