How to deal against Stay Order

Hi, My dad is suffering from his job since 7 years. Any one of you, Please help us in suggeting the right approach for getting back his job. My Dad use to work in a govenment under taken organization @ Andhra Pradesh, India. His Manager did a very big fraud to the organization by taking huge amount of salary and giving very small amounts to his sub-employees. My dad and his coleagues tried many a times to report this issue with higher authorities. but being a very popular person in our town, his manager didn't allow any complaints against him to higher authorities. Finally a squad came and audited all their data all of a sudden. manager got caught and the branch in our town is siezed. it happened around 2007. All the employees working in that organization had become jobless. They have filed case under employee rights and the judgement has come in their favour. saying that they can start working under the same organization but it shuould be under taken by different member(Management should be different). The corrupted manager has brought stay against taking this organization by some one else. Dont know till when that stay is applicable. All the employees including my dad has roamed around the court and became helpless. Please suggest what can be done now. Our town branch office needs to be under taken by different Management which is not at all moving forward now. Please suggest if some thing can be done against the stay. I can provide all the case numbers and details if possible. Please suggest what can be done now.