Husband tarcher

Hi, i am prathibha sir/madam please help me i was married 2012 nov 2nd with mr .reddappa who is working for Textron as avionics engineer .He and his family cheated me by telling so many lies that his mother death is normal ,but she was commited to sucide his father got second marriage that step mother having two daughters elder one married but she left her husband before my marriage at the time of marriage when we asked about her husband they told that he is in onsite,even they told that my husband is earning 70k after marriage i comes to know that after cuttings of all loans he get only 10k in banglore,i was adjusted with that they expect my property and my jewellery handover to them but my parents refused to handover by knowing about his stepmother,after 3 months i was conceived at that time his father planned to take my property jewellery by listening of his father he not even offer the food and he not even talk with me i am stayed alone his main intension is i have to leave the home by that they can demand my assets and i was decided to not to leave the house he was beated me by that i got injury of my pregnancy i lost my baby even he didnt came to hospital,at that time i dont know i begged him to take me hospital he not even care about me ,one day he started to be good with me i believe him by that i went to native from that day onwards no calls i was begged his father he told lies that he went to chennai two months after consulting mediators by accepting his conditions he accepted me ,i was started for job searching i got job in hyd he also accepted after one month he started asking my salary i refused to give because after i want to keep for my future.from that day he again stopped to talk with me he informed he will be with me if their parents accept then only,i was scared and left my job to come to banglore ,i was gone to womens police station their they conduct counseling,two months k again his father started to tell lies on me he is beating me here,now again he left me alone in the home if i called him he is giving the same answer that go and get ur parents then only i will accept u ,sir/madam my parents r old aged people please help to get out of this situation,at the time of marriage he only told that his stepmother gave so much tarcher until he started earning when he was start earning they all loving him .please help me .because of his family his sisters my life was spoiled