problem with friends

hi, this is raju from kurnool. we are of 3 friends(raju,ashok & anand;) interested to take dealership of sujana steel in tirupati. now my friends(ashok& anand) are trying to skip me .and they are planning for another new firm registration as 2 partner (ashok & anand) in the same business (sujana steel)...idea and contacts of sujana steel was given by me (raju) .i don’t want to miss this oppournity or spoil the business offer given by sujana steel. actually my wife has completed pg(mca), she got phd seat in kurnool till three years i can’t go and stay to look after the business in tirupati. how to be safe till 3yrs without my involvement in the business.if i say all my problems they will not listen to me. After firm registration is done as 3 partners (raju,ashok &anand).if they skip me form the business or if they do another firm registration as 2 partner(ashok & anand) without informing me. how can I take legal action on them or any documentation should be done before or after firm registration as three partners (raju,ashok & anand) that not to skip me,.