Should I need to file a case before my in-laws file false case

I am a 2 years married men, but we both separated for the past 9 months, since she is not right physically and mentally. For physical problem I took her to clinic and treatment started a year ago, but she is like a multi personality person, some time she behave like a good girl, most of the time she herself treating like she is not good looking, and taking everything as negative, even if I teach her how to cook and behave, she is getting tense and getting angry when more then one person start to give advice what to do and how to behave, so we completely avoid to give instruction and advice at the same time. Many time I expressed my love on her by sitting nearby her and tried to know about her problems and issues. She is always hiding something about her past life, ofcourse I am not even asking it. she is almost like a 8-10 yrs kid but not sure, she is giving false statement about me and my family when she spoke to her mother via phone. My whole family is getting tense when they get to know about it. From day 1 when we got marriage itself she interrupt me to meet her relatives even they are very near to us. Initially she gave false statement against their relative to me when i try to meet them now it is reverse, she is actually creating wrong opinion about us to her mom and relatives. Some time back like a one and half year ago, she behave like a psycho for a very small issues, like I came late to my room from hall since a serious cricket match was live, and she went out from the house at mid night and I searched full area and brought her back, again she attempt suicide but I didn't discussed anything with my family, I simply told her mother. When I went to US for my job a month, she again behave like a psycho and that time only my whole family know about her and they called her mom and told her about the situation, so her mom took her to her home town and met psychiatrist, then she took some counselling and treatment she took nearly a 3 months treatment and after some discussion I brought her back to my home. On last May month 2014, again she did the same thing for a very silly matter, she simply started to cry herself by calling her mom and she went out from home, again me and in sister in laws searched her in many places, at last found her in a dark place. my whole family was got upset and I took her to her home town and told her mother to take care of her. From that day itself we separated. I am in anger on her and her family since they are hiding something about her. She gave FALSE statement about us like we are torchering because of delaying in pregnancy and i am not interest on her and all. Note: We have good sexual relationship. Now what happening is I am hearing news like they are going to file false statement tourcher case against me and my family. I have old age parents (father:65, mom: 61), i have two sisters both are married. elder sister is a breast cancer patient, she just going to complete her sixth chemo, and my younger sister is got her 2nd pregnancy after a long time. So I am afraid what is going to happen. I called her and her family member by phone but they are not speaking to me, I tried to meet them in person but they are not interested. Not sure what should I need to do in this case. Should I need to do any precaution ? any complaint or anything? Please help me.