how to file a criminal ase

The father of complaint was admitted to aims on 15th June 2014 with a small wound .the complaint with the help of his relative and friends had taken vk.kumarkrishnan . and admitted him to hospital .He was admitted for a period of nearly 4 months during the period his son and relative used to stay as by stander .. Theson was not able to stay in the hospital contiguously. So he arranged a bystander from aritha by name maggi who was the bystander for a period of one month .during my absents . Ratna kumauri and her daughter started visiting my father at hospital this lady has stayed with my father for few years . she started to withdraw money from fathers account When I noticed the withdrawal I filed an MHOP at district court palakkad to safe guard my fathers money . I had gone out of state for some business propose This lady discharge d my father without informing anyone from my home town .some relatives of my father planned to see my father at the hospital . the went to railway station took ticket from ottapalam to kochi station just before boarding the train Ratna kumar called them and told not to board the train because they will not be allowed to see my father. My father dead on 25th Oct and the hearing for MHOP was due on 27 oct 2014 My father was not to be discharge from hospital due to reason his saturation level was varying time to timeIn case of discharge being the moral duty it was must to inform the petitioner being the only son also the relative of kumarkrishnan 1. Dead of the kumarakrishnan just two days before the hearing of the medical op. 2. 10 oct the descend was discharged 12 th kumarkrishnan relative had gone to see kumarkrishnan which was not allowed 3. Ratna kumari had withdrawn 7 lac from different bank without anyreason with in one month 4. Withdrawn using withdrawly sip from state bank of india pension account which is illegally and personally as my wife of kumarakrishnan 5. If the MHOP was heard Ratna kumara and her doughter would lose all right over the fixed deposits’ 6. The discharge of kumara Krishnan by Nb raghunath and beena kumara lends suecpect that the dead was unnatural 7. Ratna kumara had withdrawn Rs 1600000/- which belong to my mother on 29 th march 2014 from bank operating to be ratna kumara thankam who is the actual wife of kumarekrishnan